As a child in the early 1980's, John wanted to be a stuntman in the movies. He used his dad's video camera to make short films with his friends but was unable to pursue his dream as the internet was not around then and at his age he didn't know how to get in to the industry. He left school with average grades and tried various jobs before starting his own company installing security systems.

John started working in the film and TV industry in November 2013 after he bumped into an old school friend in a cafe. Their conversation soon turned to films and John was invited to help out with action vehicles on BBC Film's 'Pride' and then Hammer Film's 'Angel of Death', The Woman in Black sequel. Due to his passion for films, John jumped at the chance.

Continuing to work with action vehicles, he also gained experience on set with some background work but it wasn't enough so he started acting classes and workshops so that he could apply for acting roles.

As well as security, John is now enjoying work as an Action Vehicle/Picture Car Driver and has had some small acting jobs. His goal is to act full time one day.

Equity: M00456119

The video clips below were when John was aged around 12-14 .